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NanoteC18 – In association with Advanced Material Development and nHance®

As one of the longest running series of international nanoscale carbon conferences in Europe (since 1998), NanoteC has brought together the world’s leading thinkers in fullerenes, nanotubes, graphene and related two-dimensional materials.

While each of these materials attracts its own dedicated community of researchers, NanoteC draws on common themes and allows researchers to share insight into this unique element at the nanoscale.

In association with Advanced Material Development and nHance®, for its 20th anniversary NanoteC18 is returning to the University of Sussex and will be dedicated to the late Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Harry Kroto FRS, co-discoverer of fullerenes.

August 29th – September 1st | University of Sussex, Falmer, United Kingdom

Find out more and register at https://www.nanotec18.com/